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Mistakes that Self-Managed Boards Make

Abstract - Homeowners’ Associations and Condominium Associations that are self-managed provide many opportunities for their Boards to create a virtual Dual- Class system of the have and have-not members. Boards can create this system accidentally, or by choice, by misinterpreting Associations' state laws or governing documents.

The E-Book, Crushing the Dual Class System of Some Self Managed HOAs, that can be purchased on our Website, refers to a Dual Class form of membership that usually evolves over time for two different reasons: (a) the initial Board 's intentions were self-serving or (b) the Members passively allowed the Board to become self-serving. In other words, the System is a Process that usually unfolds slowly over time.

The E-Book takes the position that members should be more involved in the process for selecting their Boards and for monitoring their Board's activities carefully so that they can protect their rights to obtain services, repairs and improvements that should benefit all of the members. In fact, there are many Self-Managed Associations with Boards that unintentionally become self-serving which the Board can probably prevent from occurring by reading the E-Book. For example, if a Board does not advise members of a Board's decision to amend an Association&#