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Growing Your HOA

There is a time when every member of an HOA should stop and ask if the efforts of their HOA's Board of Directors are making the best decisions on behalf of the Association's members. Members should check periodically by mailing or emailing a survey to the Association's membership. can provide a survey form for members to use; or a Board of Directors can send out the survey to members and allow HOA-Consulting-Services to collect and tabulate the results so that all members' names remain private, prior to sending the tabulated results back to the members.

Ordinarily, we recommend sending a survey to members if the HOA's Board handles different most areas of responsibility such as maintenance, enforcement, accounting and capital improvements. If 60-75 percent of the members agree that more resources should be devoted to a specific area of responsibility, the Boards should make an effort to improve in this area. If only a few members are willing to mention this problem, they may be outliers....On the other hand, they may be more observant than other members. In either case, the tabulated results of surveys function as performance review that Boards of HOAs do not usually receive; and the Boards can rely on surveys to identify legitimate areas of improvement.

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