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Fixing Fake HOAs

Alternatives to Fixing Laws That Govern HOAs by Relying on Persuasion

March 23, 2019|Ayala

The State of Washington Legislative Committees are reviewing proposed corrections to RCW64.90, previously SB6175, that was enacted into law on July 1 2018 for all new HOA's created after this date, and for all other preexisting HOAs if members choose to adopt it. However, sometimes there are opportunities that Members overlook which can do more for the health and longevity of HOAs than any laws could address.

In the E-book, "Crushing the Dual Class System of A Self-Managed Homeowners' Association" (aka Crushing Fake HOAs) can be purchased online through PayPal from our Homepage for $5.99.

Abstract -Homeowners’ Associations and Condominium Associations that are self-managed can provide opportunities for their Boards to create a virtual dual-class system of the "have" and the "have not" members. Boards can create this system accidentally, or by choice, by misinterpreting Association’s governing documents in order usurp the members’ voting authority which in turn allows them to create special benefits for themselves and/or a favored subset of the Association’s members.

Most readers who purchase this E-book already know, or suspect, that they have a self-serving Board that pays very little attention to their needs, and that the Board treats members as Troublemakers if they try to assert their rights.

Therefore,this book explains how to identify a self-serving Board, explains why some self-serving Boards cannot be convinced easily with Facts to relinquish their power. It explains various ways to overcome this problem. Moreover, employing the tactics presented in this book may be the only way, short of a lawsuit, to persuade members to reject a self-serving Board's practices so that all members have the same rights, benefits and obligations that Associations were intended to provide.

Table of Contents

Section 1- Recognizing The Limitations of Self-Managed Boards of 3

Section 2- Understanding The Purposes of An Association’s Governing 4

Section 3 - How Volunteer Boards Make “BAD” Decisions for Their 6

Section 4- Successfully Dealing with A Board’s Confirmation 7

Section 5- The Easiest Way to Disclose A Board’s Self-Serving 12

Section 6- One Problem That Only the Association’s Members Can 14

Section 7 - Saving the Association from 17

Section 8- 18

Appendix- Articles Published Previously on Blog-Page of Website, FACEBOOK & TWITTERHomepage from PayPal for $5.99 and receive copy of E-Book sent to your email address.

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